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CatPowerScreenShot2Cat Power’s “Lived In Bars”: Chan Marshall’s happy these days. Wtf? This video for “Lived in Bars” prominently showcases Marshall’s newly-minted frown-upside-down steez, as she dons a backward baseball cap and plants kisses on the cheeks of bar patrons before they all get up and have a dance party. The whole thing, right down to the Cassius Clay windbreaker, is so smile-inducing you’ll wish every day was Cat Power day.





An Elvis Presley short, 2017, for Sony. Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 5.06.06 PM







Robert Gordon’s first documentary: “All Day & All Night: Musicians’ Memories of Beale Street”, directed and edited (on 16mm film) by Robert Gordon. A warm, personal look at a neighborhood where the “lights never went out” and the music lasted “all day and all night”.

B. B. King recalls that Beale Street was “a place to learn, to make friends, it was a little world all of you own. There were always musicians who were willing to help you if you wanted to learn.” Performers Rufus Thomas, Evelyn Young, “Gatemouth” Moore, Fred Ford, “Honeymoon” Garner, “Hot Rod” Hulbert, Andrew Chaplin, Jr., Booker T. Laury, Laura Dukes and others reminisce about life on Beale Street and reveal the camaraderie, the love and the respect musicians had, and still have for each other.

Mississippi Blues Trail Short Films







Peter Guralnik – Feel Like Going Home



Peter Guralnik – Lost Highway (enhanced edition)